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Заказ билетов на поезда между крупными городами Польши и Европы
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билеты на поезда по Польше
Используйте данный раздел, чтобы заказать
билеты на поезда по Европе

Polrail Service предоставляет услуги по продаже и бронированию билетов на поезда по Польше и по всей Европе.

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Polrail Service является авторизованным агентом Deutsche Bahn (Немецкие ЖД), SNCF (Французские ЖД) и других европейских железнодорожных операторов.


I used POLRAIL to book three tickets in Poland - Wroclaw to Krakow, Krakow to Warsaw and Warsaw to Vilnius.  I'd originally planned to buy the tickets on the spot, but reading about the shortage of rolling stock in Poland, combined with summer and school holidays, persuaded me to book.  For the same reasons I booked first class.  They were all for travel during July 2012.

The service from PolRail was terrific. The information on timetables and fares was extensive and covered many different trains and times.  A couple of my choices were not immediately bookable online, but an enquiry using their online form resulted in a response within 24 hours to the effect that if I now went online I could book them.  And so it proved.

I had an address in Germany where I was staying, and just enough time to get the tickets sent there (according to their website) but they contacted me to say that they'd been having problems with mail to Germany ad suggested several other options.  I went with picking up the tickets Poste Restante in Wroclaw when I arrived.  They sent me the Polish sentence I might need to ask for it and, as a further backup, gave me their number to call should there be any problems in getting the envelope.

The tickets were there, as promised (although finding the right counter in the Post Office was a bit of a mission) and I didn't need the backups they'd provided, but they were good to have as security.

Each ticket had an additional little tag that PolRail had added, showing my coach and seat number.  These were also on the tickets, but could have been a little confusing if you didn't know where to look.  As well, I was sent a one page summary of each journey with train names and numbers, amended times and the details of each change of train required.  So there were no surprises.

Finally, each ticket gave me a window seat, facing the way I was going. Really, I couldn't have asked for better service. I'd highly recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to have problems with Polish railway staff that don't speak English (and there are lots) and who is looking for a trouble-free experience.

Please feel free to use this as you see fit, but I'd appreciate your using only my first name if you publish all or part of it on your website. I think your site is great, very informative.  I've used it for years when I've travelled in Europe.  So I'm very happy to add my bit to keep it up to date.

2012-07-21, E.R.
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