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InterRail Poland Pass

Starting at: 264.00PLN

Important!: Only European residents can use an InterRail Poland Pass (not available to residents of Poland).

The InterRail Poland Pass is your ticket to explore all Poland has to offer. With this pass, you are entitled to unlimited travel on the Polish railway network for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days of your choice within a 1-month period. It is the perfect way to visit Poland's major cities and see the countryside along the way!

The Pass is valid over the entire network on all trains operated by PKP InterCity and Prezwozy Regionalne. TLK, EIC and EIP-category trains (operated by PKP InterCity) require a seat reservation; you can obtain TLK and EIC reservations at no extra charge at any station with a reservations window; travel on an EIP train requires payment of a reservation supplement of 43PLN. (Sleeping car accommodations are not included in the Pass, but can be booked at additional charge). Passes are available for 1st Class and 2nd Class (the youth pass is only available in 2nd Class).

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26 or over
3 Days 4 Days 6 Days 8 Days
2nd class 361PLN361PLN 439PLN439PLN 577PLN577PLN 684PLN684PLN
1st class 559PLN559PLN 684PLN684PLN 910PLN910PLN 1067PLN1067PLN
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3 Days 4 Days 6 Days 8 Days
2nd class 264PLN264PLN 319PLN319PLN 430PLN430PLN 494PLN494PLN
1st class 448PLN448PLN 550PLN550PLN 730PLN730PLN 854PLN854PLN
Family* 3 Days 4 Days 6 Days 8 Days
2nd class 361PLN361PLN 439PLN439PLN 577PLN577PLN 684PLN684PLN
1st class 559PLN559PLN 684PLN684PLN 910PLN910PLN 1067PLN1067PLN
*Children under 4 travel for free. No pass required.
Children aged 4-11 travel for free on the family pass (children are required to have free Interrail Pass)


  • Pass is valid on trains of:
    • PKP InterCity
    • PKP Przewozy Regionalne
    • Koleje Mazowieckie (Warsaw region)
  • Pass entitles holder to seat reservations free of charge (pass must be presented) on PKP InterCity services (with the exception of EIP services). (Polrail Service will arrange the free reservations for you at no extra charge, if details are supplied at time of order.)
  • If your trip starts after 7 p.m. (1900) and arrives after 4 a.m. (0400) the next day, fill out only the arrival date on your pass, and save a travel day! (This rule does not apply on the first day you use your pass, however.)
  • Passholder's name, passport number, country of residence and date of birth will be entered on the pass, and passport must be shown at request of railway officials during ticket checks, etc. Please supply this information when ordering.
  • 1st class seating is not available on trains of Przewozy Regionalne, KM.
  • Refunds: You may return your pass to our office before the 1st day of travel is valid for an 85% refund. You may also have your pass stamped as unused in a railway ticket office before the 1st day of travel, and then return it to our office within 6 months from the issue date for an 85% refund. No refund permitted in all other cases. Paid seat reservations are not refundable.

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Thank you so much for all your help and hard work! I really appreciate your quick reply (I was not used to such a good speed in any services)!

Have a nice day! : )

2011-04-01, XW
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